Multi Surface Cleaner

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Multi Surface Cleaner("MSC") was formulated to cut through those tough grime stains on many different types of surfaces and materials. “MSC” works safely on vinyl seats, upholstery, carpet, tires and any scuff marks. “MSC” also removes exhaust residue on your painted surface. Our all-purpose cleaner is like no other product. “MSC” powers through built up dirt and grime without the harsh cleaner smell. Just spray on, wipe off, environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.


Exterior Surfaces:

  • Spray "MSC" directly onto the surface to be cleaned
  • Agitate with appropriate detail brush, sponge, or damp towel
  • Rinse or wipe dirt/grime from area

Interior Surfaces:

  • Always test for colorfastness on inconspicuous area
  • Apply "MSC" onto appropriate brush or towel
  • Scrub or wipe area to be cleaned
  • Wipe away dirt/grime
  • If cleaning vinyl/plastic, wipe area with damp cloth