16" X 16" Microfiber Towels 5-Pack

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  • 16" X 16" - Perfect for folding into fourths
  • 380 grams per square meter(GSM) - This will be your all-around towel
  • Plush side is great for use with Spray Detailer and for interior dusting
  • The short pile side is perfect buffing off Polish Wax and when paired with Leather Care - CLEAN, is great for cleaning interiors


Directions to clean microfiber towels:

  • Wash towels using a dedicated microfiber cleanser or a laundry detergent free of fragrances and fabric softeners
  • Wash in warm to cold water - We like to add an extra rinse cycle to ensure no soap residue is left behind
  •  Dry using very little to no heat - We prefer the air fluff cycle
  • Please note: if you drop your microfiber towel on the ground - visually inspect the towel for debris - DO NOT attempt to pick debris out of the towel - in most cases the towel should no longer be used to wipe sensitive areas such as paint and sensitive interior surfaces